About Data Commons at ANU

The Australian National University, through its Data Commons repository collects, maintains, preserves, promotes and disseminates research data from the ANU community.

Data Commons holds a variety of ANU Research Data about research projects, research datasets, services and researchers. The wider community is free to browse this material and all members of the ANU community are encouraged to deposit their data.

Embargo arrangements are available to control data accessibility, if required.

Benefits of open access data publishing

Research data repositories provide the best option for storing and publishing research data in the long term. Specific repositories may be recommended by funders or publishers. There are also discipline-specific repositories that may be available.

If no discipline-specific repository is available, staff and postgraduate students at the Australian National University can deposit their research data in Data Commons, the University’s data repository.

For authors

For the University

  • Helps meet the objectives of The Australian National University's Open Access Policy and Procedure which state: "The Australian National University is a research-intensive, research-led university. Our commitment to the dissemination of research findings is essential both to differentiate the University's research excellence and support national and international research excellence."
  • Creates a permanent record of university research data.
  • Promotes visibility of the University's research data. Publications deposited in Data Commons are visible and accessible through other services such as Research Data Australia.