Supernova Spectroscopy and Host Galaxy Studies

TitleSupernova Spectroscopy and Host Galaxy Studies
Collection TypeDataset
Access PrivilegesOptical Astronomy
Brief DescriptionUnreduced FITS files obtained on the ANU 2.3-m/Wide Field Spectrograph (WiFeS)
Full DescriptionAstrophysical transients are objects in the night sky that rapidly brighten and fade, and represent some of the most explosive events in the Universe such as the death of stars as supernovae. We are following up transients newly discovered by the SkyMapper telescope in order to determine their type and distance, and thereby classify the diverse nature of these events in order to better understand our dynamic Universe. Supernovae are the explosive deaths of stars that rapidly brighten and fade over the course of weeks to months. We are actively classifying new supernovae and studying the galaxies in which they are found in order to better understand these rare and transient events.
Principal InvestigatorChildress, M. (RSAA)
Fields of Research0201 - Astronomical and Space Sciences
Date Coverage
Date FromDate To
2013-03-25 12:00:002013-03-26 12:00:00
Date of data creation2013-03-26
Year of data publication2013
Publisher for CitationThe Australian National University Data Commons
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URLTitle information for observers
Other Related IdentifiersRSAA Proposal ID 1130081
Astronomy Collection Identifier
Rights held in and over the dataAll data obtained on ANU telescopes is publicly available after 12 months. Please contact the PI to negotiate access before that time
Status: Published
Published To:
- Australian National Data Service
- Australian National University
Identifier: anudc:5034
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